Published In Focus On Georgetown Magazine: September, 2012

Tracy1In the year and a half since Tracy Hicks established his fencing business, his good reputation and his business have grown correspondingly. Hicks Fencing Company was first written up in Focus on Georgetown magazine in August 2011 (http://focusonourtown. com/2011/08/21/building-fences- easier-than-mending/), when Tracy’s penchant for reliability and integrity was highlighted. “I treat every job as if it were mine—my fence, my home. I think that’s important.” Tracy said this a year ago, and he’s still saying it today. His growing business reflects that his customers agree with his ethics and his belief in making sure that his customers are properly taken care of.

Although Hicks Fencing provides all types of fencing for homes, businesses, estates, or ranches, just installing a fence is not enough for Tracy and his team. He insists on using superior materials so each fence will not only be functional, but also add value and beauty to the property. He considers not only what the fence will look like immediately after installation, but also after it has been in place for a few years. The types of fences Hicks Fencing can install include wood privacy fences, chain link, split rail, ranch, Ameristar Ornamental Steel, vinyl, custom gates, and they also can install automatic gate openers.

However, fences are not all that Hicks Fencing provides. From past experience, Tracy knows that many fencing jobs also have an element of masonry to them, so he made sure to have experienced masons on his team to be able to create beautiful stone patios and walk ways; stone columns for mailboxes, or between pickets on wood fences, for either side of an electronic gate, or anywhere else that a customer wants a stone column. They have constructed outdoor fireplaces, stone walls for planting beds, and complete fences built from stone. Like everything that Hicks Fencing produces, their masonry work is defined by its workmanship. As Tracy says, “We take pride in seeing our customer satisfied with the job we have done.”

Underlying everything that Tracy Hicks builds is his passion for doing things right, for being fair to his customers, for making certain that his company’s work is of the highest quality and the customer is not just satisfied but thoroughly happy when the job is done. Otherwise, Hicks Fencing is not happy.

While Hicks Fencing Company definitely wants your business, Tracy has some suggestions for people looking to hire a fencing company (either for building fences or for doing masonry work).

• References—Ask for and check out references. At Hicks Fencing Company, you don’t have to ask; they offer references from their many customers for you to check before you hire them.

• Materials—Get solid information on the materials that will be used. Tracy Hicks believes in using only materials of high quality. These days, the ornamental steel fence is popular, and Hicks Fencing relies strongly on Ameristar Ornamental Steel ( supplied by American Fence & Supply Company of Georgetown ( “We use premium materials for every job so your fence will stay durable and have a quality look for many years to come. Hicks Fencing Company puts its name on it!” Tracy believes that customers should always get what they pay for.

• Warranty—Make sure that the company you are considering offers a warranty for their work. Hicks Fencing not only puts its name on every job; it also offers a warranty on all labor. Tracy Hicks stands behind his work to the extent necessary to be sure his customers remain “happy campers.” His completed product always reflects the very best in quality, service, and workmanship, as well as professionalism and honesty. (Many of the materials used by Hicks Fencing offer superior warranties, such as Ameristar Ornamental Steel with a 20-year warranty.)

• Quality—This is a combination of the three items above, but ultimately comes down to workmanship— was the fence built correctly, was the area cleaned up, was the crew trustworthy and respectful. Just as he did when he began his fencing and masonry business, Tracy Hicks still operates with small crews that are employees of Hicks Fencing. He does not subcontract out his work, because he knows he would lose quality control by doing so. His crews understand what Tracy expects of them, understand the value of quality work, and stand behind their finished projects.

At the end of any given day, Tracy Hicks can smile if he has made someone happy through the work that he loves to do—building fences and making good neighbors. Being part of the community is important for Tracy and his family—his wife Marlene has been teaching for 22 years, and his son, Trey, is a senior at Georgetown High School and has just accepted a scholarship to play baseball for Texas State. The Hicks family is proud to make Georgetown their home and place of business and would like to say “thank you for your business.” Tracy says, “Remember . . . we’re on your side of the fence!” For both fencing and masonry work, contact Hicks Fencing at www. or by phone at (512) 633-6301.